Candidly most people don't know the steps to setting up a successful website. Many businesses could be reaching out to more potential clients or consumers, increasing their business or selling opportunities dramatically. The following are 5 components that a website must have to execute efficiently. 

Prominent call to actions

A phone number or "call to action" on each one of your pages is essential. Your site is the calling card for you business and should be treated as such. You want your customers to be able to pick up the phone and call you at any point. Believe me a lot of companies fail to execute this component. A staggering 60% of small businesses are negligent to the fact.

Be found on social networks

As we all know social media is booming and has for a while now.So why not connect? It’s the difference between a one-way road and a busy intersection. Which one do you think has more traffic? People use more then just google to look up companies. More and more these days there’s a good chance your customer heard about you from a social media site rather then your website. That being said its always a good idea to have your web page and your social media sites linked together. 

Be Multiple Device Friendly

It’s important that your website is responsive. A Responsive web design is simply a website design that adjusts gracefully to fit on desktop, tablet, and smartphone browser. Right now there 1.4 billion smart phones being used world wide. On average they spend about 8% or 2 hours a day staring at their mobile screens. Out of those Americans 57% of them will not recommend a company with poor or no mobile site. Don't forget about those tablets, laptops and other portable devices. 

Make your website simple

This  is one of the most important components to have when setting up your page. Having your information organized is a big deal and is often forgotten. All of your content should be well-formatted and easy for the user to scan. Most users don’t read your entire page they scan useful parts to them to see if your company is relevant to their needs. Load times are also important you should strive for your website to load within 4-6 seconds for good results. Limiting your 3rd party website plug ins is a good way to boost your speed. Another important aspect to making sure your site is user friendly is having good navigation. Make sure your navigation is “clutter free”. If you have a large site with a lot of menu options try switching to a drop down menu or sub-navigation may work better for you.

Content is King

You can optimize the value of your website by frequently updating the very content itself. This will not only help you gain recognition with major search engines (google, bing, etc.), but will also keep your customers informed with current events and information regarding your business. One of the most common issues with websites today is the “build and forget” syndrome. This is what happens when a website is created, yet the necessary steps it takes in order for it to function properly for you (as well as your customers) are neglected. The ultimate goal in achieving a content-rich site is to increase traffic/ranking and do the following for your customers: educate, entertain, inform, persuade and expand horizons. Give them a reason to revisit!

Efficiently maintaining these 5 components will increase the amount of potential clients that view your site. If you need assistance with these things you can reach me Randy at the contact information below.


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