The week of July 8 to the 12 is considered "Tech Week" for us "San Diegans." It is a great time to attend inspirational events showing off the best of all things tech in San Diego. The Co-Merge decided to kick this year's Tech Week off with a "Tech Crawl." The crawl consisted of seven start ups, in the downtown area of San Diego, that were given 15 minutes to show off what they are working on as well as offer a local craft beer to enjoy. We here at Variable Action were given the honor to be included in the crawl and to show off some great Mission Brewery beer.

The crawl offered a unique environment for us to quickly pitch Zesty to people who might have never heard of what Zesty is or what it can do. We needed to improvise and optimize that experience with the tools around us. Andy got started on a one minute "sizzler" video to show off the Zesty goods. Randy and Dustin got the office in perfect condition to accommodate the large amount of people about to show up. We also felt it would be great to get the crowd interacting with Zesty which came in the form of a raffle, built on Zesty, which allowed users to enter in their information into a Zesty page to populate our raffle.

Overall, it was a great night of meeting new people, showing off the power of Zesty and enjoying great Mission Brewery beer. It was great to be a part of this year's tech crawl. We're excited to see the tech scene in San Diego continue to grow.