Dustin Horning / Managing Director

Dustin's Short Bio

Dustin oversees production from start to finish, both for VA products and for VA consulting. He manages project details and tasks, tracking deadlines and deliverables while personally ensuring even the smallest details are addressed. Previously, Dustin co-owned his own company, Radiant Apparel, and he worked as manager and notary public for a Postal Annex.

Dustin is also a skilled web designer and developer, skills that he brings to the managing of all Variable Action accounts. He confidently can translate back and forth between non-technical and technical ideas and expectations, bringing even more value to Variable Action clients and brands.

Dustin lives with his wife and daughter in Kensington and is an active member of The Commons church.

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Key Roles
  • Accounts Manager
  • Project Manager
  • Front End Developer 
Education & Skills
  • Arizona State University - Technology Management
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